So its finally burnt its way out

So I'm finally out of the eye of the storm its difficult to really describe how it happens the best way i can describe it is like a fire, i started to come down a week ago (Friday) and by Sunday the last of the fire had burnt its way out and my mood quickly … Continue reading So its finally burnt its way out


It’s the shortest episode I’ve ever had but…..

So I had another episode I could feel it coming and my wife could do nothing but watch. My support workers rallied round as did my friends but it still happened. On the plus side it is the shortest episode I have ever had and only 4 weeks in hospital I have still managed to … Continue reading It’s the shortest episode I’ve ever had but…..

Today is my one year blogging anniversary!

Good luck and congratulations 🙂

Neurodivergent Rebel

I got this website on on this date one year ago today, although I would not post my first blog until November 24th, when I finally knew what I wanted to say.

Thanks to everyone who’s come on the journey with me. Looking forward to sharing some VERY big news about the next exciting project. Here’s to another year of fun & sharing!

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Recovering from a manic episode

Up until April/may last year I thought I had completely taken control of my bipolar and began to question if I was really bipolar at all.  My "cure" - Running, hindsight being 20 20 it was becoming obvious to friends and family that I was becoming obsessed with running. I was working 4 days a … Continue reading Recovering from a manic episode